What is real?

A friend told me this week about the 100,000 animals stuck on that ship in the Suez Canal. I felt a surge of emotion about animals in general — my neighbor who raises roosters for cockfighting, the sweet calves who are torn from their mothers at birth so people can eat cheese. I thought about … Continue reading What is real?

Choosing a path

For the past year or so, I’ve had conversations with friends that are beyond the usual “what book are you reading?” or “how about that vaccine?” They are deeply meaningful dives into our hearts and souls, taking the pulse of where we are in our endeavors to live fully with our eyes open to history … Continue reading Choosing a path


The full moon pulled me awake early this morning with sensations in my abdomen followed by words. Rather than string them together in stories, I strung them together in some other formation — poems or not poems, depending on your point of view. Continue reading Wonder